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Kirinᵅ Prelease

Quarkonium is a digital asset simulation system of perpetual motion to build an unstoppable application platform. This developer documentation supposes the readers have basic knowledge or experience of the following tools or techniques:

Kirin Release, proposed as the first beta implementation of Algorand blockchain, adopts the concensus of Proof of Random (POR) which employs concepts from Sortition. Readers can look up glossary, concepts and discussions in Quarkonium Wiki.

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Quarkonium Cloud

Most developer resources can be found in the Quarkonium Cloud / Nebula, a smart cloud of distributed ledger technology (DLT).

Infrastructural facilities are built-in modules and components in the smart cloud. Quarkonization is the core methodology to implement infrastructures of your quarkoniums.


Developers can test proofs of concept referring to interpretations and prototypes on Dasset™, a platform to access digital asset world, to kick start your Dapp development for your quarkonium.

Constitutional facilities are defined and enriched in the platform, which is a core simulator to define digital asset entropy in the system.Dassetization is the core methodology to build those constitutional facilities. As a foundation, Dasset™ provides various simulators and an omni ledger to play essential roles in the Quarkonium system.


Quarkonium Docs provides a cookbook for developers to set up a 0-to-1 quarkonium hand by hand.

You should have a Dasset Account (DAC) before you start using Quarkonium. If you do NOT have one, please request a new one at Dasset™.

You can access Quarkonium Cloud, a 'baas' based smart cloud service, to experiment your proof of concept and develop the subecosystem in your creative way.

Installation & Deployment

Create and run your own quarkonium node in the smart cloud:

$ ssh yourId@cloud.quarkonium.org
$ sudo docker pull quarkonia/yourId
$ sudo docker run -d -p 8888:8888 --name quarkonia-yourId -it quarkonia/yourId

Note: yourId here can be your Dasset Account (DAC) or Quarkonium Identity (QID)

Now, you can test at http://yourId.cloud.quarkonium.org

Get Circle Working

In your quarkonium, continuous expansion can concurrently evolve in the form of Circle, the core concept to build social networking scenes. A set of APIs, named QPI, is provided to link the current social media systems, like Facebook, Twitter, WeChat ..., into your quarkonium. A pool of built-in applications and toolkits are available for implementation in your node. Working with Circle in default, VAST/V@ST - Value At Space Time, is Quarkonium's debut proof of concept of "Internet of Value".

Get Interstellar Connecting

Communication among quarkoniums is called Interstellar. Users in a quarkonium are NOT necessary to know how other quarkniums are running, but can propose intentions in various forms via the infrastructural and constitutional facilities or other OTT (over the top) applications. As an inspirational debut, III/I3 - Interstellar Intention Internet, is a proof of concept of "Intention Economy" as Quarkonium™'s flag application.


Quarkonium Cloud - Smart Cloud


Quarkonium Cloud is the Quarkonium™'s branded smart cloud, a smart contract based BaaS image hub. Quarkonium Foundation unlocks the Quarkonium Cloud to the open source community to support the ecosystem and neutrality. Each implementation quarkonium can run in the smart cloud, a decentralized storage and interconnection solution, or in an alternative decentralized network.

Dasset Project - Value Simulator


Dasset is the Dasset™'s branded digital asset simulator ledger. It is a core component running over the Quarkonium Cloud.

Allbot Project - AI


Allbot is the Allbotᴾᴿᴼ's branded artificial intelligence hub. It is a core module of the Quarkonium Cloud.

Blokaly Project - OTT


Blokaly is the Blokaly™'s branded blockchain OTT application hub. It is a premier member of the Quarkonium Cloud.



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 Open Sources

· Allbot Project - collaborating to invent something with the open source community.

· Dasset Project - collaborating to explore digital world with the open source community.

· Quarkonium Cloud - time, space, and value interstellar.


· Ethereum Foundation

· UnionPay


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